Saturday, December 10, 2016
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What's So Special about Bodega?

A Letter to the Editor

I don't know if any one has ever told you how much Bodega means to them, but I thought I would try. My family started to visit Bodega in 1962. And excluding a couple years in Vietnam, we have continued the tradition in my family. The trips we took with my Mom and Dad will always be special. There were six kids, and money was always tight. But my Dad could always afford to get us to Bodega. When all of us kids grew up and started families of our own, we did not sacrifice the trips. In fact, the trips took on a more important role, as the only ones that could go were the adults (which was all of the kids and their spouses).

We started taking my Daughter the year she was born and have gone every year since. My Daughter is now 15, and looks forward to the trip every year. This trip for me will count as 42 years that I have come or migrated to Bodega. We lost my mother last year and the family trips have stopped. But for my family, and me the trips and the memories will go on forever. I deal with the bad side of mankind on a daily basis. Bodega has become more than a trip to me. It is a mindset that helps me through the tough times and allows me an inner piece that can only be found in Bodega.

The next time someone says, “What’s is so special about Bodega?” show them this. Thank you.

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Carolyn A. Lewis