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Map and Area History

Bodega Bay Area Map

Bodega Bay Area Overview Map

Bodega Bay is located on the Pacific Coast just 68 miles North of San Francisco.

From San Francisco: Cross the Golden Gate Bridge and take 101 North to Petaluma. Take the East Washington Street Exit and follow the signs 30 miles West to Bodega Bay

From Santa Rosa: Take 101 to Hwy 12 West. Exit through Sebastopol until it becomes Bodega Hwy to Coast Hwy 1 (23 miles) Turn right onto Hwy 1 to Bodega Bay (5 miles).

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Bodega Bay Detail Map

Bodega Bay Detail Map

The most prominent geological feature of Bodega Bay is Bodega Head, a peninsula that forms the the protective arm between the ocean and the bay. The San Andreas fault runs right through it, separating steep rocky bluffs from sandy dunes. Atop the bluffs, grasslands rise more gently to the coastal ridges. The Head provides a dramatic vista and the ideal place to watch whales migrate south twice yearly in January/February and April/May.

Doran Park is a strip of beach formed by the currents of Bodega Bay. The ocean side is ideal for water sports such as surfing and body boarding while the harbor side offers a salt marsh which is a habitat for a variety of birds. At the end of Doran Beach is the protected entrance to the harbor where the fog horn keeps a constant watch.

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Bodega Bay Area History 200 Years of Change

Until the Fall of 1775, the Miwok and Pomo Indians lived peacefully in the coastal mountains and valleys of what we now call Sonoma County. Their lifestyle revolved around the seasons, hunting and gathering from the land and harvesting the sea and rivers. Little changed over hundreds of years until the first white sails were spotted off the coast.

The Spanish sloop, Sonora, carried Don Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra Mollineda and a group of explorers to anchorage at the mouth of Tomales Bay at the southern end of Bodega Bay according to a journal kept by a member of the company.

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