• Bodega Bay – Come Sail Away!

    Just as the name “Bay” suggest, there are wonderful seaside opportunities awaiting, and sailing is one of the most exciting. It’s exhilarating to be out where waves lap alongside the boat, while being carried by those…

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  • Camping At the Beach Tips

    Are you a novice camper? Or a pro? Tent camper or luxury RV? Regardless of which most suits your outdoorsy style, here are some camping at the beach tips. Just think about waking up next to…

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Bodega Marine Laboratory Virtual Tour

Check in with the Sonoma Coast Visitors Center to get ready to visit Bodega Bay

The Native Oyster Restoration Project - BML Aquatic Resources Group. See video...

The filming of the Alfred Hitchcock's classic, The Birds in Bodega Bay

Sonoma Coast Visitors Center