Jenner a perfect spot to spy bald eagles

BaldEagleA pair of bald eagles whose hunting expeditions at the mouth of the Russian River have entertained tourists and local visitors over the past several years have turned the coastal hamlet of Jenner into a popular stopping point for bird-lovers, as if the scenery and seals weren’t enough of a draw.

The raptors’ admirers include a devoted group that has monitored them for the past few years and has documented their activities photographically. The birds even have their own Facebook page with a growing base of fans, many of them stunned to learn of such an accessible way to witness a species once threatened with extinction.

There’s nothing quite like seeing these majestic creatures as they soar over the river estuary in search of prey or dive suddenly toward the water, flying out again with breakfast or dinner in tow.

The complete story in the Press Democrat can be found HERE.