Bodega Bay Fire District Board Election – Nov 5th

bbfd1This is the dominant image on the Bodega Bay Fire Protection District Home Page this month. The fire district is facing a significant budget deficit if the district tax rate is not increased in the April 2014 election. November 5th will be the election of three fire protection district board members.

On November 12, 2013 there will be a public meeting where the fire district will propose an additional tax of $200 per single family dwelling.

The District is attempting to maintain current staffing levels of One Captain, one Firefighter Paramedic, and one firefighter EMT (emergency medical technician) and in order to do this we need additional revenue.

A fact sheet about this issue can be found HERE.

Andrea Granahan of The Press Democrat reported in her recent article Lively but polite candidates night in Bodega Bay “Eighty percent of the calls are for nom-residents,” said Briare, current sitting president of the board. “Bodega Bay is a cash cow for the county.”

The Bodega Bay Firefighters are endorsing David Kruppa, Charlie Bone and Constance Clover.

Here are the profiles for all six candidates for the Bodega Bay Fire Protection District.

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Occupation: Retired Lawyer
We are at a time when our district needs a board that can forge strong relationships with both the County and surrounding fire protection districts to solve common problems. I am running for the board because I have a background that can accomplish this task.
I have lived in Bodega Harbour since 2003 and served on the HOA Board for 3 years. I have been a part of the Bodega Bay CERT team for 4 years.
As part of the executive management team for the McMillin Companies in San Diego, I handled the com- munity and governmental relations with various City Councils, governmental agencies, and community boards; working mainly on land use and environmental issues. In this capacity, I was an active participate in the San Diego County 2020 General Plan update and in a number of Habitat Conservation Plans. I worked with San Diego County LAFCO, the Coastal Commission, Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, and US Fish and Wildlife. I finished my work career as Chief Of Staff to a California State Assemblywoman.
I will to bring these work experiences to the Fire Board to help create a mutually beneficial relationship with the Sonoma County Administration, the County Supervisors and surrounding Fire Districts.

Occupation: Retired/Steel - Production Operations
I am running for a seat on the Board of Directors of the Bodega Bay Fire Protection District.
I graduated from Sonoma State University in 2008; earning a Masters Degree in Psychology. I have lived in Bodega Bay for nine years. My professional experience is in the steel industry. I was employed by the Raritan River Steel Company for twenty-three years in steel production operations and quality control inspections.
My election campaign is endorsed by Bodega Bay Firefighters and Paramedics. I firmly believe the in- terests of the Bodega Bay Fire Protection District are best served by retaining the highly trained and com- mitted personnel through fair wage and benefit compensation for service time rendered and performance evaluation.
Looking for alternative funding availability other than dependence on property taxes will be my priority.
I am very enthusiastic for my future in serving you on the Bodega Bay Fire Protection District Board of Directors. Thank you for your vote.

Occupation: Retired Firefighter/Business Owner
I have been involved in the Fire Service for over 46 years of my life. I have held the following positions;
Firefighter, Engineer, Captain, Battalion Chief and Fire District Director.
I have served as a Director for the Bodega Bay Fire District since Dec. of 2001. I have extensive experience in labor and management issues.
I have experience in all aspects of the workings of a Fire and Medical organization. I understand the needs of the district and strive to insure our citizens and our firefighters are well protected.
I would like to remain on the board and continue to serve the district. My pledge is to serve the citizens of this district and to serve the needs of our highly trained and dedicated staff in protecting our community. I would appreciate your support in doing so.
Thank you

Occupation: Incumbent
As an incumbent and senior director of the Bodega Bay Fire Protection District Board of Directors, I thank
you for your continued support of the District.
Like many other public agencies, BBFPD has struggled to serve the community, at the highest possible standard, during these difficult economic times. Curtailing expenses, controlling salaries and balancing the department’s needs with the current taxing structure has been an ongoing concern of mine for the last five years. Bodega Bay voters have not been asked for a tax increase since Measure E passed almost 10 years ago. Instead, I have pursued finding alternatives to additional taxes. Through workshops and staff meetings the Alternative Funding Committee was organized. As a member of this committee, I am proud to report the successful lobbying of almost $200,000 from our County’s Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) funds over the last 3 years. These efforts also established the first TOT grant program for districts such as Bodega Bay; heavily impacted by tourism. This work is not finished. I ask for your vote and promise to continue the work of securing additional revenue; striving to ease the tax burden of Bodega Bay taxpayers and maintaining quality care for residents. Thank You.

Occupation: Retired Deputy Sheriff
Before my retirement, as the Bodega Bay area Resident Deputy Sheriff for six years, I had the priveledge of routinely working closely with Bodega Bay Fire personnel. From Chief to volunteer, I found them to be dedicated, caring, and capable professionals, who made critical decisions with serving the public their primary consideration. Their positive approach to any situation made even the most difficult incident manageable.
As a resident of the district, I am concerned that continued superior quality Fire, Medical and Rescue ser- vices thrive on our coast. Just as virtually every other governmental entity, the district has experienced difficult financial times during recent years. The task of providing services with diminshed resources is a constant dilemma; a dilemma with no easy fix.
You have my assurance that I will represent you, and solicit and include your concerns, and collaborate with other Board members. Emulating how I witnessed the Fire personnel perform, with a positive ap- proach, I hope to help make difficult decisions manageable.

Occupation: Incumbent
As a member of the Board of Directors of the Bodega Bay Fire Protection District for the past 16 years and a longtime resident of the area, I bring experience, knowledge and integrity to maintaining the excel- lent quality of service we provide to the people of Bodega Bay.
The economic realities and expanding tourist industry are bringing new and difficult challenges to our district and it is important that the efforts and experience of the present board be allowed to go forward in order to fulfill our present and future goals.
As a member of the Alternative Funding Committee since its establishment, I have worked to obtain ap- proximately $200,000 from Transient Occupancy Taxes generated in our area and we are continuing our efforts to obtain additional funds from alternative sources; and, we are making progress.
The recent acquisition of a second fire station site in the northern area has, with little cost to the District, saved our constituents in that area thousands of dollars by lowering insurance costs and establishing a lower ISO rating.
I hope to be able to continue to serve you to the best of my ability and I would appreciate your vote on November 5th.