Can the salmon fishing really be THIS good?

I've never seen fishing like this in Bodega Bay.  At least in my sometimes failing memory I can't remember seeing this many large salmon being caught off the Sonoma Coast.

Mr. Sockeye has an impressive series of photos in his post found in the blog.  He writes:

"Wow!  Did we ever have an amazing weekend at Bodega.  We weren't alone either.  From what I could gather over the radio, just about everybody scored.  I think CJ, (Str8fishon) was the hot boat on Sunday.  It sounded like he was done about 8:00 a.m.  There were plenty of limits to go around, and plenty of early limits too. "

"We fished for 3 days, and we did the sportsmanly thing to do.  We kept fish, but we mostly caught and released.  You can tell which fish were caught and released unharmed in our pics by their perfect scales.  When you don't use a net their scales remain perfectly intact, and the photos turn out fantastic."

"We caught and released a bunch of them, but we kept a few too."

I like the part about catching and releasing the fish.


More photos can be seen HERE.