FINDING CRABS | FINDING SEAL | Bodega Bay, CA | 3-30-13

In 1985, Dian Hardy and other local activists from Jenner discovered that the harbor seals at Goat Rock State Beach were in greater danger from beach visitors and unleashed dogs than from the pollution of a recent sewage spill into the Russian River. In response to these concerns, they organized and set up four-hour shifts on the beach at the river mouth where they asked visitors to abide by the Marine Mammal Protection Act and stay at least 50 feet from the harbor seals. This began one of the first Stewards supported programs, Seal Watch.

Today, Stewards supported volunteers assist the public in safeguarding this local harbor seal habitat, the largest on the Sonoma Coast. Volunteers are available on weekends during the annual pupping season (March through Labor Day weekend) when the seals are most vulnerable to public interactions.

Seal Watch Program can be seen HERE.