Months-long construction project to limit Highway 1 traffic near Fort Ross

RoadSignConstructionThe Santa Rosa Press Democrat is reporting that there will be a temporary traffic signal for several months on Highway 1 north of Fort Ross State Park beginning Tuesday while Caltrans builds an erosion prevention wall, the agency said Monday.

There will be only a one-way lane for traffic for five months while Caltrans builds a 265-foot wall along the west side of the highway to prevent erosion. The road will also be widened.

On Wednesday, Caltrans will turn on a traffic signal on Highway 1 just south of Fort Ross, also routing traffic one-way only. This signal will be in effect for three months while Caltrans completes a project to stabilize the uphill side of the highway, the agency said.

Comment from Tina Romeo on the CALTRANS work:

Fort Ross Store and Lodge will be open for business just north of the Fort. The traffic work will only have minimal impact on our local visitors. No more than 5 minutes at a time.

Thanks for your comment Tina