Why does Bodega Bay rival The Great Barrier Reef in Australia?

Come and find out on a 33' sailing vessel with Captain Rich Crumley and naturalist Katja Svendsen. On this four hour tour you'll start by meeting with Katja at the wine shop Gourmet Au Bay in Bodega Bay. There she will greet you with with a cup of coffee. While sitting on Gourmet Au Bay's splendid deck overlooking Bodega Bay's channel, she will talk and explain about the ecosystem of Bodega Bay and what you should expect to see while on the sailboat.

Bring all knowledge, don't worry if you don't know anything, by the end of the tour you will become a naturalist. She will give you an identication card full of pictures and descriptions of sea life. You will have an opportunity to be able to start to identify animals, birds, macro/micro invertabrates, etc... She will start with what causes tides, what animals are affected, and how they are connected to tides. Katja will explain what mudflats are and why they are important to the local birds and sea creatures.

Rich can take up to 4 people and the cost is $75.00 per person. Looks like a great way to see the Bodega Bay surroundings from a little different perspective.

Call Rich @ 707-318-2251

Sailing on Bodega Bay

Or mail to: P.O. Box 961, Bodega Bay, CA 94923