Seal Release – SEPTEMBER 7 – Marine Mammal Center


seals290The fifth annual Marine Mammal Center "Community Release at Bodega Bay" is planned for Saturday, September 7, at Scotty Creek Beach just north of Bodega Bay. This year, we will be releasing rehabilitated California sea lions back into their ocean home. The event has drawn several hundred visitors in past years and we expect a similar crowd this year. This event is open to Marine Mammal Center Members and to residents of the local area. If you are interested in attending the release and haven't already received an invitation, please email Marissa Kalashian at The Marine Mammal Center, or give her a call at 415-289-7335.

This event offers us an opportunity to raise the visibility of The Marine Mammal Center to friends and supporters and to raise funds for the operation of the Center. Last year, more than twenty local merchants donated a portion of their daily revenues or contributed items to a Silent Auction. We encouraged our visitors to spend time in the Bodega Bay area and patronize the contributing merchants. Nearly $3500 was raised at the event last year, helping to support the rescue, rehabilitation, release, research and education programs of the Center. Our mission is to expand knowledge about marine mammals and that of the ocean environment - and to inspire global conservation.

More information about the Center is available on our web site

We believe that many visitors come to the Sonoma Coast to enjoy the variety of marine mammals present in the area and we think that local merchants that are knowledgeable about the local wildlife can provide an enhanced value to their patrons. We would be pleased to meet with any local business to talk about how the Marine Mammal Center can help enhance visitors' experiences. Give us a call.
You can help us by contributing to this year's Community Release.

Last year, 5 merchants agreed to contribute 10% of their revenues on Release Day to the Center. Gourmet au Bay hosted a Silent Auction with 18 merchants contributing auction items like a voucher for dinner, lodging or a gift certificate for goods and services that they provide. We would like to establish the list of donated items by Friday, August 16 so that we can tell our guests about the contributing merchants and the Silent Auction prior to the event. Please contact us to talk about how you can help make this Community Release Day a win for local business and The Marine Mammal Center. We'll be glad to come out and talk to you in person if you want.

Phil & Jean Warren, Marine Mammal Center volunteers