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    • Longevity and Consistency: has been the leader for information about Bodega Bay for over 20 years. It’s a comprehensive resource for anybody interested in Bodega Bay ranging from lodging, dining, things to do, and overall visitor information.
    • Large Engaged Audience:
      In 2020, had 105,987 unique visitors. In 2021, had 126,567 unique visitors. The audience continues to grow! By advertising on, you can reach these visitors with your marketing messages.
    • Dominant Showing on Search Engines:
      When you search on Bodega Bay on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, shows up in the top half of the first page, if not first.
    • Active and Relevant Blog:
      There is an active Bay Blog prominently featured on the home page that regularly features activities in the Bodega Bay area and quite often highlights advertisers.
    • Strong Social Media Prescence:
      As an extension of, there is a Facebook page that has over 12K followers and an Instagram page with over 2,900 followers. Advertising plans can include a social media component. Additionally, we have two public groups on Facebook: “What’s Happening Bodega Bay” with 912 members and “” with 694 members.
    • Results:
      Our advertisers see a strong click-through rate on In 2021, current advertisers received 20,486 “click throughs” to their websites. The average click-through rate for display ads on travel and hospitality websites is 0.47%. delivers a 16.18% click-through rate. can bring traffic to your website. has an email list of over 4,000 emails that are emailed on a quarterly basis with relevant information about Bodega Bay that can include offers from advertisers.

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