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Local Hiking Trails

The website is describing two local hikes for people looking to get outdoors and do something this weekend. The POMO RED HILL LOOP is described as a strenuous hike and the KORTUM TRAIL is described as a moderate to easy level walk.

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Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’: Mystery Solved

Do you know the “mystery” behind “The Birds”. This ABC News report details the “real event” that triggered Hitchcock’s interest in attacking birds and the LSU professor that explains what may have caused this event.

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Rising Seas Threaten California’s Coastal Past

Higher tides and increased erosion will wipe out archaeological sites along the Northern California coast according to Mike Newland, an archaeologist at Sonoma State University.

Pieces of California’s history are in danger of disappearing as the Pacific Ocean claws at the base of coastal cliffs and sea level rise is accelerating the problem.

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Be on the Lookout for Bears at Bodega Head

No, not those bears. These bears, the woolly bear caterpillars that can be found around Bodega Head. Kathy Keatley Garvey shares some photos writes about the woolly bear caterpillars in her blog post “Feeding Frenzy on Bodega Head”.

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Nathan, Aiden and Dillon @ Goat Rock, Bodega Bay, CA

On hot days in Northern California I long for those summer days at the beach like what is seen in this short video taken at Goat Rock earlier this summer. There is always something “magical” that happens at the beach and Nathan, Aiden and Dillon give us a short glimpse of that magic in their video.

So if you are sweltering in the heat like I am today take a short 1 minute break and go to the beach with Nathan, Aiden and Dillon for a little magical time. I sure remember those wonderful summer days at the beach.

Do you?

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Salmon Fishing in Bodega Bay

Darris (the Vegan Mama) has shared several images of fishing boats in Bodega Bay. She writes in her June 28th post:

Anglers are out trolling for salmon in Bodega Bay. I counted thirty three fishing boats at 8:00 p.m. A fellow beach walking friend told me that he and his wife counted over seventy (70) fishing boats off Bodega Head on Sunday!

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“Oysters to die for !”

Here is one Trip Advisor review for Rocker Oysterfeller’s in Valley Ford that says “last night we had the best Louisana stye oysters.

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Erden Eruc human powered circumnavigation: 3 days to the finish line

Erden Eruc started his human powered circumnavigation from Bodega Bay near San Francisco, California. Since then he traveled by boat, bicycle and boots around the world. Today he has 3 days left to the finish line, his start point. He is expected to arrive at the Spud Point Marina between 4 and 5 PM on Saturday, July 21st.

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