Anybody Remember Erden Eruç? (It’s Been 5 Years)

Erden left Bodega Bay July 10, 2007 on a trip to circumnavigate the world using only human power on a bike or in a row boat. The first leg of his journey took 312 days as he rowed singlehandedly from Bodega Bay on the California shores to the waters of Papua New Guinea.

Erdun is now in Cameron, LA and will bike back to Bodega Bay to complete his around the world trip.

First person in history to have rowed three oceans, the only one as of December 2010

First person in history to have rowed across the Indian Ocean mainland to mainland
With 312 days spent on the Pacific Ocean, holder of the Guinness World Record for longest time at sea by a solo ocean rower

With a total of 655 days at sea with the same rowboat, the most experienced ocean rower alive

2010 Explorers Club - Vancouver Award