Bodega Bay Public Utility District Drought Contingency Plan

BBwaterPlan1. Declaration of policy, purpose, and intent

1.1 General

In order to conserve the available water supply and protect the integrity of water supply facilities, with
particular regard for domestic water use, sanitation, and fire protection, and to protect and preserve public
health, welfare, and safety and minimize the adverse impacts of water supply shortage or other water supply
emergency conditions, the Bodega Bay Public Utility District (the “District”) hereby adopts the following
regulations and restrictions on the delivery and consumption of water.
The primary focus is placed on best management practices to manage water use demand, while evaluating
options for alternative water supply sources. Water uses regulated or prohibited under the Plan are
considered to be non-essential and continuation of such uses during times of water shortage or other
emergency water supply condition are deemed to constitute a wasteof water which subjects the offender(s) to
penalties as defined in thisPlan.

1.2 Water use priorities

The risks to public health from water shortages could be high and include issues of water quality, water
quantity, sanitation, and hygiene for personal use and food preparation. As a result of this, the Plan
establishes the following priorities for use in developing demand reduction programs and allocations during a
water shortage emergency. Priorities for useof available water, from highest to lowest priority, are:
1. Health and safety: residential home interior uses, sanitation, and fire fighting
2. Commercial, industrial, and governmental: maintain jobs and economic base
3. Existing landscaping: especially trees and shrubs
4. New demand: projects without permits when shortage is declared

Complete plan can be found HERE.