Escape to Bodega Bay by Candace Gregory

Escape to BBMom and I headed to Bodega Bay, located about 65 north of San Francisco, for an adventure. We relaxed, ate lots of fresh sea food and explored some new country, including a visit to Fort Ross.

Bodega Bay 1Highlights: We experienced beautiful beaches with crashing surf, colorful sunsets, the freshest of fresh seafood and a visit to the Russian 1810s era Fort Ross on our 4-day 3-night adventure.

About mid afternoon, mom and I made it into our little 2 bedroom apartment called "At The Bays Edge" and it really was located right on Bodega Bay's water's edge. That gave us enough time to unpack and go down to our deck to read and watch the birds.

I hadn't been down there too long before I spotted a bobcat making its way along the edge of my deck, about 10 feet away from me. I thought to myself, that can't be a bobcat and by the time his rear end and tail was in plain view, I knew it was a bobcat. But by that time I couldn't think fast enough to get my camera out to capture the critter and it loped off into the brush.

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