Hagemann Ranch Trout Farm – First Time Fishing Destination in Bodega Bay, CA

Ocean fishing is not the only fishing available in Bodega Bay.  How taking the family trout fishing at the Hagemann Ranch Trout Farm?

A recent blog post in http://sono-ma.com chronicles a family visit to the trout farm.

"Within minutes you and your family can have your own line in the water.  Simply plan a short road trip to Hagemann Ranch Trout Farm, which offers a bucolic setting and two trout ponds.  All are welcomed to fish, no fishing licensee required.  Hagemann’s bait shop provides poles for a low rental fee, and sells bait and other needed supplies.  When you catch a fish, Hagemann measures and cleans it, charging fees tied to the size of the fish.  We rented a couple of poles and took home three fish for around $23 – a fantastic price for hours of fun and fresh fish for dinner!"

The complete blog posts with several images can be found HERE.


Between 18401 & 19000 Highway 1, Bodega Bay, Ca.