Tall Ships California Schedule

There has been lots of interest in the Tall Ships coming to Bodega Bay April 4-9. But did you know that these ships are on a California tour that includes stops in 4 more ports this year? Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image of the Bodega Bay flyer.

The vessels will present family-oriented activities, including popular Battle Sails, Adventure Sails, walk-on tours, and special educational programs for schools and home-school groups.

Today is the last day for San Francisco but the remaining schedule is:

San Francisco: March 9-19
Sausalito: March 21-April 2
Bodega Bay: April 4-9
Eureka: April 12-18
Crescent City: April 20-30

Tickets for all sailings and unique tall ship voyages between ports are available on their website. Early reservations are recommended. Information about the Fall California schedule is also on their website. For more details, review the Sailing Schedule or call 800-200-5239.

At most ports, the tall ships are also scheduling one-hour and three-hour educational programs for K-12 schools and home-school groups. During these programs, students visit a number of stations aboard the ships to learn basic navigation, oceanography, and the social lives of 18th century mariners. Program scholarships are available. Contact Roxie Underwood, [email protected], 800-200-5239.

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