The Birds Cafe in Bodega Bay review by Melanie Wong

Photos by Melanie Wong

Photos by Melanie Wong

The newest fish shack on Bodega Bay, The Birds Café, opened four months ago. It has the finest scenery of the casual eateries, complete with a patio overlooking the harbor, accessible via an ADA ramp. While warm and still when we visited, on most days one would need to bundle up to eat here, as there’s no indoor seating.

The menu has shifted a bit from what I’d read about on opening. No more burger or fried pies. Here’s what the menu looked like yesterday,

Artichoke fritters were a standout. Frilly, deep brown yet delicately crisp and non-greasy light batter clinging to quartered artichoke hearts were served up with a ranch dressing dipping sauce.

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