When Good Fishing Is Bad News In Bodega Bay

Bob Norberg of The Press Democrat is reporting that "commercial salmon fisherman on the North Coast are tying up their boats and will stay in port for the next few days in an attempt to drive up prices."

“The market is flooded and we need to let the market clear out,” said Chuck Cappotto of Gualala, president of the Fishermen's Marketing Association of Bodega Bay.

Charter boat captains are reporting the fishing is "red hot". The problem for the commercial fishermen is that the price for salmon has been cut in half over the last two months.

Part of the solution to this problem is to go out and buy lots of salmon at these great prices in order to deplete the supply so that the commercial fishermen can get a decent price for their catch. Be sure to alert all your friends to add salmon to their shopping list!

You can read the complete story about "North Coast commercial fishermen protest low salmon prices" HERE.