Camping on the coast north of Bodega Bay

IMG_1014Do research before going insider camping along coast by Bill Hanson and image by Markus Spiering.

Insider camping along the coast requires a bit of research.

North of Jenner, the first campground is at Stillwater Cove. This is a lovely camp with hot showers, it is perched on a bluff very near the ocean, and it is a quarter mile walk down narrow Highway 1. This is a Sonoma County park, and reservations are wise because it is so small.

Next up, only one mile away, is Ocean Cove Camp at the dogleg turn around an old barn. Come to think of it, I’ve been going past there for more than 30 years and have never seen the barn open.

Go into the store across the road to get help on camping and day-use.

The owners have spent many years upgrading the campground. Hot showers and good toilets are available. The camp is on top of the bluff overlooking the ocean and beautiful Ocean Cove.


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