Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary Announces Eco Freak Week

EcoFreakWeek270 5 day incentive for visits by owners of low emissions vehicals

FREESTONE, CA, April 2013 --- Earth Day 2013 is almost here. In commemoration Osmosis is hosting it’s 3rd annual Eco-Freak Week, our way to create more consciousness about reducing carbon emissions.

April, 22nd to April 26th, Monday though Friday

25% OF ALL SERVICES for any guest arriving in a diesel or alternative fuel vehicle, hybrid or electric, by scooter, vespa, or on bikes. For those who don't have a Prius guests can carpool with friends to receive the Eco-Freak Discount!

Additionally those arriving on bicycles receive a free lunch to power you up for your journey home! Can't make it to the spa during Eco-Freak Week? Drive your eco-friendly vehicle to Osmosis anytime during the month and receive 25% off any of our eco-friendly products in the Spa Boutique, no services required.


At Osmosis we have always been a triple bottom line company; our focus is People and the Planet before profits. All of us at Osmosis Day Spa are a committed to an environment that is safe and eco-friendly as possible without sacrificing one ounce of comfort or nurturing. We guarantee that each and every personal care product in our boutique is free of synthetic preservatives, surfactants and petroleum-based ingredients. As a company we choose to go further and ensure that our staff using only cleaning products that are free of any questionable chemicals that may pose health risks. All of our drinking and bathing water has chlorine removed at our point of use filter, a biological filter recycles wastewater and hot water is heated by the sun. Committed to Zero Waste, the use of paper cups has been eliminated. We have chosen to make a difference and lead the way in the establishment of the Green Spa Network now a thriving national organization. These are just a few of the ways in which we have made the choice to create a real green spa experience for you.