A Sonoma Coast Wedding Story

weddingHow many of you have been married on the Sonoma Coast?  Dianna shares her story and a picture.

"This is a photo from our beautiful wedding at Dillon Beach on April 17, 1993.  It had been a rainy Saturday so we had to move everything into the house.  Just as we were exchanging vows the sun opened up and it was a beautiful day. "

"This home is located in the Oceana Marina area on Kailua Way.  My family had vacationed there as I grew up so naturally when I was going to marry I knew this area had my heart along with my wonderful man.  We had a beautiful, small wedding that was so perfect in every way.  Pastor Gene Burruss from Two Rock Church married us."

"We continued to vacation there as we had our children, so the home and the Sonoma Coast became very much  a part of our family.  Then we had our third baby who was born with life threatening problems and we only had a short time with him we were told.  Not knowing, we had rented the house for our family to gather after his birth to celebrate.  When he was born there was no celebrating we just needed somewhere safe to be and get things in perspective, the best you can when you know your child may die."

"We stayed at the Kailua house for 5 days with our 3 children and our little family. After that the owners stopped renting the house and we were really heartbroken. Our son passed away 2 1/2 years after that.  We have managed to heal and find joy again and a lot of it has been healing along the Sonoma Coast.  It keeps everything is check for me and my hubby. Our problems seem so small in compare to that vast ocean.  It washes our troubles away and leaves us renewed each and every time.  We have stayed at just about every ocean front house over the last 20+ years of our marriage and have celebrated and mourned many of life's events.  I love the Sonoma Coast more than anything, It has saved me."