Land Use in the Sonoma Coastal Zone – Jan 12th Meeting

SonomaCoastVillaEric Koenigshofer is reporting that on January 12, 2016, the Board of Supervisors will make an important decision regarding coastal land use policy.

On Highway 1 between Valley Ford and Bodega Bay there is an establishment called the Sonoma Coast Villa. The Sonoma Coast Villa was approved in 1985 and provides lodging and restaurant services. This property is within the Coastal Zone and subject to the statewide policy interests noted above. In the context of the LCP this business is considered a “visitor serving facility” since lodging and food are needed services for those Californians who come to the coast from some distance. These services support public access to the coast and are distinguished from “non-coastal dependent commercial” businesses.

Mark your calendar, January 12, 2016, to support the integrity of the 1976 Coastal Act and the Sonoma County Local Coastal Program.

The complete article that outlines the history of this Coastal Zone issue can be found HERE on the Sonoma County Gazette website.