Mason’a Marina Public Hearing meets Opposition to Plans

Masons-Marina-Gas-Station-360Joan Poulos reported in the Sonoma County Gazette that more than fifty Bodega Bay residents crowded into the meeting room at the Firehouse in Bodega Bay to let Sonoma County Regional Parks (the current operator for the County which owns the site) what they thought about the request for a feasibility study to re-design the Marina and work with partners to design an educational-oriented visitor center for the site. The response was nearly unanimous…NO!!!

To their credit, the County Regional Parks’ personnel emphasized that they wanted the community input on how they could enhance the property to benefit the community. Almost with one voice, the community roared back..NO STUDIES. Spend the money on bringing Mason’s Marina back to usefulness.

The docks are in serious trouble. The underpinnings are rotting; none of the structure meets ADA standards. The liability toward users is questionable; the true cost of an environmental clean up is likely to be great. No one has all the answers. One very clear fact emerged: Bodega Bay residents are willing to pitch in and help save the Marina, but NO speaker supported creating any new tourist-serving facility in order to bring in new revenues. Apparently the community speaks with one voice. Examine all options to help save Mason’s Marina, but keep it a facility that serves fishermen and DON’T turn it into a new attraction to bring more tourists.

The complete story can be found HERE in the Sonoma County Gazette.