Tips for Parents Traveling with Kids

Traveling with your kids is one of the best ways to expand their minds and while encouraging them to grow into compassionate and interesting adults. Kids, in particular, have a hard time grasping how huge the world is because they have such a limited scope due to the short amount of time they’ve been on the earth. Traveling helps them grasp the idea sooner and shapes a healthy perspective and overall mindset.

When families travel together, it gives them an opportunity to learn about each other in whole new ways. The memories you make traveling as a family are priceless -- you never know what kind of adventures you will get into. Traveling can also be an interactive learning experience. What is reading about the pyramids of the Maya in a textbook compared to actually traveling to the Yucatan to see them in real life?

Of course, traveling presents its share of stresses. Flight delays and cancellations; figuring out directions and unfamiliar terrain; and keeping up with kids while hauling luggage all contribute to travel anxiety. To help make it easier, parents should take the following tips into consideration when traveling with children.

Plan Everything

When traveling alone or with your partner or friends, you have the freedom to explore on nothing more than a wing and a prayer. However, when you are on the road with children, keeping a travel itinerary will also help you keep your sanity. Plan everything you can and book what you can in advance. When creating your schedule, always factor in a bit of time for spontaneity and surprises. Goodness knows when you have kids, things don’t always go as planned.

Invest in Child Locators

Even if your child isn’t prone to wandering off, the hustle and bustle of a new place can easily sweep you away without warning. Child locators are hand GPS devices that are either wearable or attachable to your child’s clothes or shoes. If you are separated, you can use either a transmitter or app on your phone to find them. While you may feel keeping a child locator on your kids at all times is excessive, having them on hand while traveling is a safety measure worth considering.

Bring a Bed for Baby

While older kids can share beds in hotel rooms, infants need their own space where they can sleep undisturbed. Finding the right travel crib greatly increases your ability to go on vacation together even when there is an infant in the family. Your infant gets a sanitary and comfortable space of their own even in a hotel room where space is limited. Look for an easy-to-use, portable version with a carrying case to ease transit.

Cook Your Meals

When vacationing with your family, you can save time, money and energy by booking a place to stay that has a kitchen and making your own meals. Depending on where you go, the food available may be different and off-putting for picky palates. If your family is full of selective eaters, cooking meals you know they will like ensures they eat enough to stay happy and healthy while away from home.  Go to the nearest supermarket and stock your refrigerator with lunch meats, bread, fruits, vegetables, yogurt and ingredients for kid-friendly meals.  You will save more time enjoying the activities you planned out on your travel itinerary.


Traveling with kids expands their minds and creates family memories they will cherish for a lifetime. You can make the entire experience easier and more enjoyable by planning everything ahead. A travel itinerary with plenty of kid-friendly activities will keep everyone active and happy. You can ensure your children’s safety with the help of GPS locators. If you have an infant, a travel crib gives your baby a place of their own to sleep even in cramped quarters. Finally, save time, money and energy by cooking your own healthy meals you know your kids will love.