Kayak fishing has strong following among Sonoma Coast anglers

Paddling from Ocean Cove on the Sonoma Coast north of Jenner, the kayak pulled a lure through the murky green water in hopes a Chinook salmon running to its natal stream would first latch onto the steel morsel.

Out of the cove, about a mile to the northwest, the treeless and windswept Salt Point State Park jutted out from the redwoods and mountains in the morning light. The hope was that a 35-pound Chinook, toned for the difficult swim inland to small creeks and steams after a few years gaining size in the North Pacific, would take the kayak for a ride.

In the fight between kayak-bound angler and fish, it’s the fish that dictates the movements of the small boat, either towing it out to sea or toward rocks. When the angler takes control — reeling in the fish little by little — the subdued, yet stubborn, fish can be brought onto the boat.

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Photo by John Burgess/The Press Democrat