Weekend getaway: Bodega Bay foodie adventures

The Coastal Miwok must have been awestruck as they watched Spanish Captain Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra drop anchor in their traditional fishing grounds in 1775, and name the “newly discovered” estuary harbor after himself. But it wasn’t until Alfred Hitchcock set his 1963 classic, “The Birds,” in the towns of Bodega and Bodega Bay that this quiet fishing port caught the world’s attention.

Since then, Bodega Bay has become a full-on day-trip destination for Northern Californians in search of dramatic scenery, expansive beaches and coastal-village vibe. How popular is it? No specific number of visitors has been tallied, but here’s an indicator: Sonoma County tourism is a $21 billion industry, says the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau. That’s a lot of wine and fried fish.

Best advice: Hit the road early and bring an ice chest. You’ll want to stroll Doran Beach, picnic above the cliffs at Bodega Head, hike along the coastal Kortum Trail and, if you’re there on a Friday, learn something new on a free tour of the Bodega Marine Lab, which is part of the UC Davis Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute.

Photo byAllen Pierleoni.

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