Cleaning up the Bodega Bay coast

cleanbeachesInteresting article in the Press Democrat about Keary and Sally Sorenson and their efforts to clean Sonoma Coast beaches.

“There are pristine beaches in Santa Cruz and Southern California” Keary explained, but “the beaches around here are deposition beaches.”

Coastal deposition occurs in areas where the sea drops or deposits material. This can include sand, sediment and debris.

These beaches are the area between the lowest tide level and the point reached by the storm waves in the highest tides. Every beach is different, but they are usually made up of material deposited on a wave-cut platform. Keary explained these south-facing beaches are littered with garbage and for years, government agencies believed the main source of this trash was ships."

"Keary and Sally did some research, and they now believe that 85 percent of the beach trash is from storm drains.

Sally and Keary took the trash they collected home with them and began cataloging and classifying the plastic by colors and by shapes."

The complete story story in The Press Democrat can be found HERE.