Bodega Head Looking North by Tom Moyer



Another beautiful Sonoma Coast image from photographer Tom Moyer.

I've been a photographer off and on for fifty years. I've always used the 35mm format and my subjects were family and travel. I lost interest in photography for a few years however my retirement coincided with the start of the digital age and I got back into it in a big way. My primary interest now is landscape photography and my goal is to reach the level of "Fine Art"

I'm in lots of groups because I like to photograph lots of stuff. When I see something interesting or what I consider good technical work I like to leave comments. I don't like to be required to leave "X' amount of comments when I post a photograph. I don't participate in groups that have that requirement. Further, when a group that I'm in institutes such a requirement I excuse myself from same.

I make quality prints of my photographic images in various sizes up to 22x17. These are available either framed or mounted on foam board and trimmed borderless. I do some photography for web sites primarily in the wine industry. I have a specialized lens that can produce excellent architectural photography. I have photographed several cultural and charity events. I am retired from the electronics industry and am available for assignment in the Sonoma County area at reasonable rates. You can contact me via FLICKR mail or

Please check out my work at:

or visit me at The Glen Ellen Art House in Glen Ellen, Ca.

or Local Color Gallery in Bodega Bay.