Hitchcock’s The Birds 50th Anniversary: Q&A with Hitchcock author Tony Lee Moral & More

Tony'sBirdsBookA murder of crows has never looked so menacing as when Alfred Hitchcock put them on the screen 50 years ago.

For the few of you that haven't seen the film, it does sound completely absurd that a movie about birds could be so terrifying, but the silence before they strike, their growing numbers, and the fact it seems no one in Bodega Bay can manage to cover their eyes and necks in time leaves viewers looking at the sky a little differently. Nevermind how much technology has changed since 1963, Hitchcock really was the master of suspense and it doesn't matter that at times look the seagulls look like marionettes.

To celebrate the milestone of birds terrifying people for five decades, we've chatted with Tony Lee Moral, an author on Hitchcock movies, whose latest book, The Making of Hitchcock's The Birds, hits the U.S. market on September 1.

Also this weekend, The Birds' actors and fans will celebrate the anniversary at the same spot birds terrorized from the sky so long ago -- the small North Bay towns of Bodega and Bodega Bay. There's an assortment of free and paid events; in Bodega Bay, Hitchcock fans can meet Tippi Hedrin, dine with her on Saturday night before a screening of the film, and get an autograph at the three-day 50th Anniversary Celebration of the making of The Birds. In Bodega, there will be docent led tours of movie sites, a parade of people dressed like Tippi Hedrin and Alfred Hitchcock, and a chance to meet Veronica Cartwright (you'll remember her as the little girl Cathy). Tickets and more information on the Bodega events are on the B50 site.

The Q&A with author Tony Moral can be found HERE.