The Daffodils Are Blooming, Saturday at 11:30 PM, Channel 22

“The Daffodils Are Blooming” a new short film made in west Sonoma County by its residents, is essentially a love letter to the glory of the county.
The film makes its television debut on KRCB PBS (Ch.22) on Saturday at 11:30pm in the 14 part series called – Bodega Bay Film Festival’s “World of Short Films”

Director Pamela Demorest

It’s the dramatic story of a former opera singer (played by Sebastopol’s Jill Minye) who is so closed off to her emotions that she has isolated herself from the world and spends her time tending to her lush garden on Coleman Valley Road in Bodega Bay.

But one day, her self-exile from society is pierced when the mailman (Santa Rosa’s veteran actor Al Liner) delivers a strange black envelope that contains and invitation to meet in a ranch shed (located in Balletto Vineyards, Sebastopol).
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