Camping for the DOGS!

CampingDogs290We know dogs love camping as much – if not more – than their people do. The sights and sounds of nature, fun with the family, grilled food … there are lots of things about camping that can get a dog drooling. Lucky for them Sonoma County Regional Parks has 268 campsites, and dogs are welcome at 266 of them. The campgrounds at Doran Beach and Westside Park in Bodega Bay both accept dogs. So do the campgrounds at Gualala Point and Stillwater Cove on the county’s north coast. Same goes for the campground at Spring Lake Regional Park in Santa Rosa. The only Regional Park campsites where dogs are not welcome are the two hike-in sites on Hood Mountain.

Dogs don’t camp for free, though. There is a fee of $2 per dog per night. And park rules require dogs stay on leash at all times. The rule is intended for the safety of campers as well as the dogs and wildlife. People don’t appreciate unfamiliar dogs running through their campsites, and dogs romping off leash are at risk of getting into accidents, becoming lost, or encountering skunks, snakes or other wildlife. Also, campers must be able to show proof their dogs have current rabies vaccinations. A vaccine certificate or current dog license will work.

By Mary Clemens, Sonoma County Regional Parks

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