Resource Conservation While Dry Camping or Boondocking

Remember Laura and Kevin, the hexacopter/airstream trailer people? Well, they are continuing their journey up the coast and they are in Oregon now.

A recent post on their RIVETED blog talks about how they work to conserve resources as they travel. In summary they say:

"Basically, there are four categories we think about: water, electricity, holding tank management, and propane, in that order. If we're dry camping or boondocking, fresh water is the first thing to go. If we're in a campground with partial hookups (electricity and water only), then tank management and propane are the only things we have to worry about."

Solar Power on your trailer?

"Now, we do have a crazy awesome solar system with 400 watts of solar panels on the roof, a 2000 watt inverter and 6 bigass AGM batteries in our trailer, and this has a huge effect on how we think about electricity while we're dry camping or boondocking: we don't think about it much at all. We can run both of our laptops, espresso maker, microwave, 1000w hairdryer, tv/dvd, the Traeger grill, etc. as much as we want, and as long as we have good sun, our batteries never get below about 90% and are back to full by mid-afternoon. (The only thing we can't use when we are dry camping or boondocking is the air conditioning. Obviously, not everyone has this crazy set up, so your mileage will of course vary."

The complete blog post is HERE.