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Endangered White Abalone Program Yields Biggest Spawning Success Yet

Millions of Eggs Bring Program 1 Step Closer to Saving Species he Bodega Marine Laboratory’s white abalone program has millions of new additions following its most successful spawning ever at the University of California, Davis, facility. Three out of nine recently collected wild white abalone spawned last week, as did seven of 12 captive-bred white…
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Shell Game: Hunt for Red Abalone

The sport is sustained not just by the succulent reward — a slightly sweet, buttery meat pounded out for tenderness and often breaded for the pan — but also by the family traditions it spawns and the adventure it holds in store. The rugged coastline of Sonoma and Mendocino counties, removed only an hour or…
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Freediving for Abalone

Ever try diving for abalone?  Looks like a lot of work and it seems to be pretty dangerous.  There are far too many newspaper reports of the deaths of people diving for abalone off the Sonoma Coast.

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