Bodega Bay Sunset

Sunsets at Bodega Bay can be SPECTACULAR! Here is a sunset photo done by luvrafting on Flickr.

You can find more of luvrafting's images HERE.

The photographer offered this description about this photo:

"I saw the most incredible sunset in Bodega Bay, CA the other night. Unfortunately, in my excitement to scramble out of the car with my camera I forgot that my polarizer was still on the lens. The pictures all turned out too dark so in lightening them they lost some of the clarity. Still you can see the beauty of the sunset."

"I was in the right place at the right time. We had rented a beach house and it had a stinky refrigerator so I drove to "town" to get some baking soda. If it hadn't been for the stinky refrigerator I never would have seen this sunset. So sometimes a bad thing will lead to something good."

So, who has a stinky refrigerator in their Bodega Bay rental?